Our products Ordino and Tiles are tools for different tasks in biomedical research. While Ordino ranks thousands of genes and cell lines, Tiles provides deep insights into knowledge on biomedical entities.


A web-based analytics tool for cancer genomics and more.

Ordino is a web-based analysis tool for cancer genomics that allows users to flexibly rank, filter, and explore genes, cell lines, and tissue samples.

Data Integration

Ordino supports custom data sources and integrates important public databases including The Cancer Genome Atlas and the Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia.


Interactive tabular data visualization that facilitates the user-driven prioritization process forms a core component of Ordino.

Detail views

Detail views of selected items complement the exploration.

Store, share & reproduce

Findings can be stored, shared, and reproduced via the integrated session management.


An open source platform for data centered analytics applications.

Tiles shows an overview of your data by leveraging synchronized views to compose dynamic dashboards.


Dashboards can be reused and shared by saving the configurations and loading them with different datasets.

Effective User Interface

Tiles provides an effective user interface to fit the needs of different user groups—from beginners to experts.