Our products Ordino and Aevidence are tools for different tasks in biomedical research. While Ordino ranks thousands of genes and cell lines, Aevidence provides deep insights into knowledge on biomedical entities.


Experience the power of our interactive visual drug discovery solution.

Ordino is an interactive visual data analysis solution, empowering you to effortlessly rank, filter, and explore a diverse range of experimental and metadata, all in one flexible platform. Ordino contains public data from 65+ sources to readily address a multitude of use cases – ranging from identifying genes that could serve as potential drug targets or biomarkers, to finding the most appropriate cell line for an experiment.

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Form a data landscape

Merge data from public and in-house sources into a single data landscape that can be explored seamlessly.

Visualize your data

Use interactive visualizations to explore targets, diseases, and compounds and their relations in a single platform.

Navigate through your data landscape

Seamlessly transition between tabular datasets and further explore selected data items.

Store and share your insights

Create projects to save custom datasets for later use and share insights with other users.


Revolutionize your pharmaceutical R&D data analyses workflows.

Aevidence is a cutting-edge stack of interactive scientific discovery apps. Explore your biomedical data like never before and gain insights into disease understandingtargets/therapeutic concepts, and modality decisions. Maximize your data potential and stay ahead of the competition.

Visually explore your data

Explore targets, diseases, and compounds and their relations in a single, interconnected platform using interactive visualizations.can be reused and shared by saving the configurations and loading them with different datasets.

Access data via tailored apps

Utilize many powerful applications ranging from gene and sequence information, to pharma pipelines, bioactivity and expression analysis, and structural and chemical proteomics.

Create and characterize cohorts

Interactively build cohorts and use them for downstream analysis in expression and survival analysis.

Extend the platform

Aevidence is easily extendable with new sections allowing entirely new data to be integrated and workflows to be implemented.