datavisyn provides a range of products and services related to interactive, visual data analysis solutions. With our expertise in data visualization and software engineering, we also support our customers through consulting and training.


Project Development

datavisyn builds interactive, visual data analysis systems using our open-source visyn platform and leveraging the capabilities of our visualization products.

Our team brings together visualization experts, bioinformaticians, and full-stack engineers to develop data analysis solutions in the pharmaceutical industry.

We launch each project by inviting clients to join us in a hackathon or an engineering workshop to start analyzing their problem and designing their custom solution. Our comprehensive process involves cutting-edge visualization and web technologies combined with state-of-the-art project management and deployment tools, as well as continuous integration infrastructure.

A core principle of our approach is openness: our team does the heavy lifting and provides innovative visualization solutions, but our customer’s internal engineers can develop modules independently and extend the modules we provide.



datavisyn was started by leading data visualization scientists from the Johannes Kepler University Linz, the University of Utah, and Harvard Medical School.

Our founders have a long track record of developing open-source data visualization tools in the biomedical domain, and research and innovation have been essential building blocks of our success. We find novel ways to visualize complex data and domain-specific processes. We are also experienced with acquiring and executing publicly funded research projects and our work has been published in scientific journals and at renowned international conferences.



Data visualization makes solving complex data problems more efficient.

Patterns become readily apparent and allow your analysts and scientists to fully leverage their knowledge. Almost all companies can benefit from using effective data visualization tools, but doing visualization right requires expertise. The datavisyn team offers unrivaled, in-depth consulting services for the design and implementation of data visualization and data wrangling technologies.



Founded by forward-thinking educators and scientists, the datavisyn team is inspired by helping clients spur progress.

Our team members have teaching experience at well-known universities.
We offer training for general data visualization topics as well as complex data visualization frameworks and technologies such as d3.js and Vega-lite. And of course, we teach our customers how to get the most out of our open-source visyn platform.