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Revolutionize your pharmaceutical R&D data analyses workflows with Aevidence – a cutting-edge stack of interactive scientific discovery apps. Explore your biomedical data like never before and gain insights into disease understanding, targets/therapeutic concepts, and modality decisions. Maximize your data potential and stay ahead of the competition.

Simple and Effective Analysis Workflow


Search for Entities

With Aevidence, you’ll gain access to a database of over 80,000 search entities. Whether you’re searching for genes, diseases, compounds, or companies, our platform provides detailed information on every entity and their combinations.


Instant Overview

Our platform delivers instant insights on every search item and their corresponding data. Scroll through each of our intuitive apps to unlock a comprehensive overview of your query, giving you the information you need in real time.


Explore the Data

Our apps are designed to help you dig deeper, investigate the nuances of the data, and identify key takeaways. With interactive features, you can load more data and perform analysis to gain the insights you need to reach your goals.

Visually explore your data

Use interactive visualizations to explore targets, diseases, and compounds and their relations in a single platform. 

Open Source

Access data via tailored apps

Utilize a range of powerful applications, including gene and sequence information, pharma pipelines, bioactivity and expression analysis, and structural and chemical proteomics

Create and characterize cohorts

Interactively build cohorts and use them for downstream analysis in expression and survival analysis.

Extend the platform

Easily integrate new data and workflows to extend the capabilities of the platform.

Aevidence in Action

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Aevidence Apps – Portals to Your Data

Structural Bioinformatics

The structural bioinformatics app presents all available protein structures from RCSB. Structures are clustered using the STRuster algorithm, which considers aligned pairwise intramolecular C-alpha atom or amino acid centroid when comparing two X-Ray structures.


The bioactivity data app integrates bioactivity data from various sources. The user can define target and off-target filters as well as structural constraints such as a substructure or a reference structure for similarity filtering.

Gene Information

The gene information app provides a concise summary of the gene of interest and its function. In addition the subcellular location view shows in what parts of the cell a protein of interest is expressed. Click on a description to highlight the organelle in the cell diagram.

Sequence Analysis

The protein sequence analysis app provides the protein sequence identity of human hormologs aswell as orthologs among pre-clinical research relevant tox species. The user can narrow the sequence comparison to protein domains of interest and analyse sequence alignments in detail.

More Apps

Genetics Aevidence


The genetics app consists of two parts: The GWAS (gene-wide association study) and the PheWAS (phenome-wide association study) sections. The GWAS section presents significantly associated SNPs for diseases/traits of interest across the genome, while the PheWAS section presents SNPs within specified genes that are significantly associated with diseases/traits. SNPs can be selected to obtain detailed information.

Chemical Proteomics

The chemical proteomics app allows users to visually mine through proteome-wide binding data generated for covalent fragment libraries.

Oncology Aevidence


The oncology app provides a concise overview of genomics alterations across TCGA cancer types, 3D mutation hotspots, expression differences in tumor vs. normal samples and CRISPR knock-out effects.

Expression Analysis

The expression analysis app hosts multiple studies like CCLE, TCGA, GTEx and more. The expression of one or multiple genes can be compared depending on tissue, disease status etc., depending on the sample annotations provided by the respective study.

Your Custom App

Aevidence can be easily extended with apps customized to your requirements and data landscape. Contact us for more details.

Aevidence Database

Our AevidenceDB integrates public data from 60+ sources, including cBioPortal, ChEMBL, depMap, GTExPortal, Reactome, TCGA, Uniprot, and many more. Aevidence is shipped with a set of data importers that are based upon the mara ETL framework.

Licence Models

datavisyn offers licenses for corporate and for non-commercial/academic use

Corporate Licence

The corporate license follows a subscription model with annual fees. The subscription includes access to all features of the tool, continuous and unlimited updates, and usage support. Multi-year discounts are available.


Corporate licenses come with packages of “seats”. A seat is taken by active regular users. The base package includes 30 seats, and the advanced package includes 100 seats. Larger packages are available upon request. Seats are evaluated holistically, i.e., datavisyn reviews usage, and if the usage consistently exceeds the usage of the package, the customer is asked to upgrade their package. 

Optional services

Datavisyn provides optional support for the deployment, operation, and development of extensions and modifications. We also offer 2-day on-site or remote trainings. These services are based on an hourly rate or on an agreed-upon flat fee. Extensions and modifications require a valid license.  

Three month evaluation period

We understand that our customers want to evaluate our tools not only based on our public demo versions, but also in their own environment with their own data. We specialize in supporting deployment, customized extensions, and kick-off workshops to get you up and running in your environment and with your data. After a three-month evaluation period, you are welcome to obtain a corporate license.  


An active license includes the following maintenance efforts:

  1. Provision of periodic release packages for the visyn framework and Aevidence
  2. Problem analysis, identification, and correction of bugs
  3. SLA availability between 8 AM and 5 PM on Austrian working days
  4. Updates to changes in 3rd party libraries and dependencies
  5. Application support: Answering technical questions about the functionality of the software

Academic Licence

Academic organizations or non-commercial users can request a free license. We are happy to provide support for the usage, deployment, operation, and custom developments for academic users based on an hourly rate or an agreed-upon flat fee. If you are interested, please contact with your contact information (full name, institution name, institution email address).

Pricing & Plans


Academic / Non-Commercial


1 year
multi-year discounts available

Trial period

1 month




Seats included

larger packages available


Public data import
from over 50 sources



Software maintenance



Deployment, data
integration, operation, and
extension development




2 remote training sessions included


User authentication

SSO support


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